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Open Integration Consulting's strategic consultants facilitate discussion of core business objectives and models; marketing and branding issues; web initiatives, objectives and strategies; and internal and external policies, procedures and work flows. We identify decision factors such as the complexity of legacy systems and data, growth projections, customer demographics and site hosting requirements. Our consulting is offered in the following three sessions:

  1. Strategy, Brand and Operations Audit
    In our proprietary audit, we examine essential strategic, marketing and operational elements, analyzing their potentials and pitfalls for the client's e-business initiatives. This exercise is critical to identify brand strengths and weaknesses, clarify stakeholders, and identify both constituency relationships and customer needs.

  2. Business Modeling and Functional Analysis
    Now more than ever, a clear understanding of the client's e-business model is critical to success: defining how an e-business will make money, the services, products and information customers will need, and the myriad of internal issues that affect the efficient and accurate integration and migration of the organization's e-business. This process also begins to identify required high-level web functionality.

  3. Technology Directions
    Our experts conduct a high-level audit of the existing technology, data sources and integration issues within an existing business. We facilitate a discussion of the components inherent in an enterprise-class e-commerce initiative. Hardware, operating systems, network, communications, web servers, application server platforms and systems, development platforms, web tools, component technologies and products, industry best practices, data and integration issues, legacy data and systems issues, the build versus buy paradigm, and other issues will be discussed and analyzed.

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